Happy New Year 2017

It has been a few months since I’ve posted to my blog, I have been busy with my family. 

In this blog I wanted to speak to new years, new beginnings. For many people New Year means new beginnings, new opportunities, new year’s resolutions. It seems as though that for most, new years resolutions end after the first few days. There are a select few that will keep the new year resolution until end of January (good for you for sticking it out).There is also an extreme minority that keeps their new year’s resolutions longer; I applaud your dedication.

I have been wondering lately if we don’t keep those resolutions because they are too big or too time consuming, or because it is easier to make resolutions and update them on quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis?

I think with our daily lives, we need to take some time and review our goals and resolutions on more regular basis. 

Best wishes for 2017 to you all.