Fall is here

No matter where you look, you can see that fall is here in Canada. The trees are looking so beautiful, all the colors are changing and the leafs are starting to fall down. It’s also much cooler outside, especially at night. Sleeping with an open window you must put a blanket to cover yourself, or in the morning you will be really cold.

Fall season is associated with cold and flu. The temperature change allows for the bacteria to coma back to life, and attack us human beings. Yes, I’ve been unfortunate as well. First my 11 month old son picked up a fever and stuffy nose. He shared his germs with my wife. She on the other hand shared them with me. Oh the act of love. You share everything, hugs and kisses and those nasty germs.

Like most Canadians to me this means a winter is near. Snow is coming, it’s inevitable. I really hope that this year the winter is mild.