Air Canada pretzels

Lately I’ve been trying to diet alongside my lovely wife. It’s definitely been adventurous and I’ve noticed that good diet makes me feel better. I guess it’s correct, you are what you eat.

We decided to follow a diet of no carbs. It is a very difficult diet because every meal we’ve had previously had carbs. No bread, rice, quinoa, potatoes. Pretty much nothing yummy. It’s very difficult to be on this diet because I have to remember that I’m on it, and remember what I’m not allowed to eat.

We also decided to not eat sugar. That was a bit less challenging for me as I rarely have a sweet tooth. I tend not to have desert after dinner, so only when it’s given to me, I’ll munch. What can I say, I don’t like to ruin a good meal with desert.

This morning I took a flight from Toronto to Ottawa. It’s a short flight, so usually they give you a snack and a small drink. My wife informed me that morning flights get a cookie. I was very disappointed because as you probably gathered I like pretzels.

I tried many pretzels, and I seriously can’t find ones like these anywhere in the stores. Wow, you diet so much and someone wiggles something you love in front of your nose, and you forget all about that diet. I love Air Canada pretzels, and am always happy to be on short flights that serve them. I just wish there was more!

From all the pretzels I’ve had, these are best. I’ve got no idea what they put in them, or whether they’re so fresh, but they taste amazing.

This short flight was definitely worth breaking my diet habits today. Thanks for reading, and next time you’re on a short Air Canada flight, enjoy the treat, hopefully you get their amazing pretzels.

Breakfast with a view

Well, we woke up at a whopping 7am… As usual, I’m hungry.
So we went to a nearby place called Classic Cafe East.
Can you believe that they don’t open until 8am?
Regardless of the opening hours, we were greeted by a nice lady at 8am and sat at a table near the window. Really nice view.


I would love to have a breakfast here every day.

So we got our menus. Cool stuff. They have Health Human & Hungry Human on the menu! Check it out!


I decided to get Fish Cakes and Toutons.

While waiting for our Breakfast, Chantale noticed that there is a tide coming in. Can you believe that we were able to see the tide wave coming in? Insane… Check it out


Ok, breakfast is here.


The toutons was delicious. I was really satisfied. I’ve never had scrunchins, so I asked the waitress to include some on my plate. Can you believe that it’s like a deep fried pork fat? Below is a pic of me eating this delicious salty, fatty Newfie breakfast item.


Breakfast was great, and I’m excited for the rest of my day. Going whale watching…

Sunset April 2016

While driving west on I75 yesterday we decided to make a quick stop on one of the rest areas. It was so beautiful, peaceful and calm. I couldn’t believe that the waters and marshes were infested with aligators and snakes and other creepy things, but luckily the state has done its best to put up fences to prevent the wildlife from coming onto the highway and the pitstops. Chantale was scared to get out of the car, so I took my phone and took some pictures. Below is the shot from pit stop.


After our stop we got back on the highway. The sun was getting lower and lower with each minute on the highway. There are not too many highways that you can experience this on, but we found ourselves driving directly toward the sun set.


It looked as if we were driving directly into the sun. We felt like at the end of the road, there is a red ball that will lead us to another world. We were in the awe for a good 5 or 10 minutes. I took some additional photos.




20160411_194227_HDR20160411_194223_HDR20160411_sunset on i75

Weather today

Today we are in Ottawa visiting my wife’s parents. The weather network told us to expect rain and snow for today and tomorrow. However I must say that the weather network never disappoints me.  We had rain this mornin, then it was foggy, after that we had a bit of snow,  and now there are a few clouds in the sky and the sun is shining.  Today’s weather we had all seasons. Weather in Ottawa