Air Canada pretzels

Lately I’ve been trying to diet alongside my lovely wife. It’s definitely been adventurous and I’ve noticed that good diet makes me feel better. I guess it’s correct, you are what you eat.

We decided to follow a diet of no carbs. It is a very difficult diet because every meal we’ve had previously had carbs. No bread, rice, quinoa, potatoes. Pretty much nothing yummy. It’s very difficult to be on this diet because I have to remember that I’m on it, and remember what I’m not allowed to eat.

We also decided to not eat sugar. That was a bit less challenging for me as I rarely have a sweet tooth. I tend not to have desert after dinner, so only when it’s given to me, I’ll munch. What can I say, I don’t like to ruin a good meal with desert.

This morning I took a flight from Toronto to Ottawa. It’s a short flight, so usually they give you a snack and a small drink. My wife informed me that morning flights get a cookie. I was very disappointed because as you probably gathered I like pretzels.

I tried many pretzels, and I seriously can’t find ones like these anywhere in the stores. Wow, you diet so much and someone wiggles something you love in front of your nose, and you forget all about that diet. I love Air Canada pretzels, and am always happy to be on short flights that serve them. I just wish there was more!

From all the pretzels I’ve had, these are best. I’ve got no idea what they put in them, or whether they’re so fresh, but they taste amazing.

This short flight was definitely worth breaking my diet habits today. Thanks for reading, and next time you’re on a short Air Canada flight, enjoy the treat, hopefully you get their amazing pretzels.

Chicken and waffle

Since yesterday it was the last that my colleague was working with us, we decided to have a lunch for him at Lancaster Smokehouse in Kitchener. A bunch of us went from work, and since it’s a 5 minute walk from the office, we decided to walk there. As we were approaching the smokehouse, the divine smell was calling us in.
We had a reservation so we quickly got seated.

My wife was there a few weeks earlier and her friend ordered the chicken in waffles. She said that she saw this guy order it on the tv show, one of those travelling food shows, and she had to try it. Since my usual favorite is the brisket, or the pulled pork, I decided to try out the chicken in the waffle.

When I first got it, I was quite surprised that you could fit 3 pieces of chicken on a waffle.


It didn’t look too big, but I dug in. My co-workers were asking me, what’s this, as they haven’t seen this on the menu before either.

My review: the chicken was great; soft on the inside, crispy sweet on the outside.
The waffle was sweet and not soggy which was perfect. The smokehouse chef really prepared it well.

To my liking, I had to add some Tabasco sauce as I found it too sweet.

Overall, I would give it a 10 of 10 for presentation, 10 of 10 for quality, 10 of 10 for value, and 9 of 10 for taste (again this is just my opinion based on the fact that it was too sweet for my liking)

Smokehouse is a great place to eat, and I’m going to stick to my usual brisket 🙂